Best Sun Protection for Hair: Strategies for Protecting Your Hair from the Sun

Sun protection for your hair is an important and necessary step you should take when spending time outdoors. The sun’s rays can cause sun spots, sunburns, dryness, and sunspots on your scalp. Let’s delve into …

Sun protection for your hair is an important and necessary step you should take when spending time outdoors. The sun’s rays can cause sun spots, sunburns, dryness, and sunspots on your scalp.

Let’s delve into several ways you can protect your hair from the sun!

1. Throw on a Hat

hat to protect hair from sun

Hats are one of the most effective (and most popular) sun protection options when it comes to safeguarding your hair. Hats don’t just protect your hair though – they also shade your face against the sun’s rays.

While running hats will mostly protect a jogger’s scalp and some of the upper-half of the face, many modern sun hats are designed specifically to provide great face and even neck protection.

There are a variety of sun hats for women as well as sun hats for men that can keep you comfortable, cool, and shaded from the sun.

There are even some sun hats specifically designed for certain sports or activities- such as sun hats for golfing.

If you’re focused on hair protection, you’ll naturally want a larger sun hat that offers a wide brim and even hanging flaps to better shield against sun damage. 

2. Whip Out an Umbrella

umbrella for sun

UV sun protection umbrellas can also be a handy way to protect your hair and the rest of your head from sun exposure. Umbrellas and parasols are great options because they don’t just shield the top of your head – they offer shade and protection for your entire head and much of the upper-half of your body, depending on the angle of the sun’s rays.

The major downside to umbrellas is that they must be carried with you. While there are many compact options, the necessity of having a sun umbrella on you at all times can make them not the most convenient option.

3. Seek Out Natural Shade

tree shade

Sitting in shade provided by overhangs, canopies, and trees is another great, natural sun protection option and can minimize sun exposure to your hair and head. Of course natural shade isn’t always possible, and you may not know shade access is even an option at locations you’re visiting until you arrive. 

4. Consider Trying a Hair Sunscreen

hair sunscreen

Hair sunscreens are a relatively new but increasingly more popular method for protecting hair from the sun, especially for those with highlighted locks or chemically treated hair. 

These hair sunscreens will help protect your scalp against sun damage while also protecting your hair to maintain color, lock in moisture, and prevent UV rays from wreaking hair havoc!

Hair sunscreens come in a variety of forms, from sprays, creams, and leave-in conditioners, to powders, mists, and oils.

5. Wrap Yourself in a Sun Shawl


Sun shawls and scarves can be very handy for skin as well as hair protection. You can drape them around your neck, over your shoulders, or over your head to protect your hair from UV damage.

6. Avoid Peak Sun Hours

sun rays

Don’t go out in direct sunlight during the peak hours: The sun is strongest from approximately 10AM – 3PM. Avoid going outside during those hours as much as possible if you want to protect your sun-sensitive locks.

Who Should Protect Their Hair (or Scalp from the Sun?

There are certain types of people who need to take special care to protect their hair from the sun.

  • People With Color-Treated Hair. Color treated hair needs to be protected from the sun in order to maintain the hair’s dyed color. If color-treated hair is exposed to too much sunlight, you’ll see fading, washed-out colors or oftentimes brassy tones in brown hair.
  • Anyone Who Cares About Hair Health. Even if your hair isn’t color-treated, UV rays can make your hair brittle, dry and weak.
  • Young Children. Children generally have thinner hair than adults, which means their sensitive scalp is more exposed to the sun. While most children aren’t worried about preserving their hair, their scalps still need appropriate sun protection. 
  • Balding Men. Bald men or those with thinning hair will want to be diligent about protecting their scalp. While the hair itself may not be a major concern, the thinning hair at the top of your head makes your scalp that much more susceptible to serious burns.

There are many sun protection options for hair, from traditional solutions like seeking shade and putting a cap on, to utilizing more cutting-edge options like hair sunscreen sprays and oils.

And don’t forget, even those who aren’t concerned about their hair getting damaged from the sun should still make every effort to protect their sensitive scalp!

Do you have any other tips for protecting your hair from the sun? Let us know in the comments!

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