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5 Best Golf Hats for sun protection

The perfect summer afternoon means a day out on the course for many golf enthusiasts. However, a good golf course featured wide swaths of green grass without a tree in sight. While it’s perfect for a round of golf, it’s a disaster for staying safe from the sun! With no shade to be found, it’s

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Best Sun Protection Hats For Men

Whether you’re out on the water catching a seabass, or out on the greens hitting balls, you’ll want to protect your face from the sun’s rays. Today we’re highlighting our top picks for the best men’s sunproof hats. These hats are all designed with sun protection in mind. Enjoy the outdoors without getting fried! What

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sunproof hats for women

Best Sun Protection Hats For Women

Protecting your head and face from the sun doesn’t mean you need to hide indoors all summer! There are plenty of cute, trendy, and sun-proof hats out there to help protect you from the sun while still lookin’ good! Below are some of our top picks for the best sun protection hats for women. All

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