The Sun is Killing Me was developed with one core goal in mind: to help people better protect themselves from the sun’s UV rays!

It can often be challenging to balance one’s love of nature with the necessary task of guarding oneself against UV damage. We aim to make it easy by highlighting the best sunscreens and sun protective clothing for whatever your activities or goals are.

Who Are We?

Our team consists of sun warriors on a mission to help people better understand the dangers of UV exposure and offer the knowledge needed to gear up and protect themselves.

Many of us have spent years navigating the frustrating and confusing world of sunscreens. Some of us have sensitive skin, while others are experienced outdoor enthusiasts. We’ve also seen family and friends fall victim to skin cancer, sometimes requiring traumatic facial surgeries to eliminate cancerous cells. That’s why we’re passionate about sun protection!

MegMarrs sq

Megan Marrs

Founder & Fair-Skinned Sun Warrior

Megan is a long-time sunscreen and UPF clothing enthusiast. After suffering several burns throughout her life and witnessing family members require surgery due to basal and squamous cell carcinoma, she now seeks to raise awareness about the importance of sun protection.

anna chacon

Anna Chacon, MD FAAD 

Dermatologist Consultant for Sun is Killing Me

Dr. Anna Chacon (DM FAAD) is a board-certified dermatologist based out of South Florida. She has authored over a dozen peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and has been published in JAAD, Archives of Dermatology, British Journal of Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, and Cutis.

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